Vikas Enterprises was established in the year 2000. Since then, we have built up a reputation with reliability, quality and competitiveness within the sheet metal world. Being located in Bangalore, Magadi Road has 18000Sqft of modern production facilities with permanent staffing and product sales of over 4.5 - 5 Crores. We are committed to deliver the services to many clients from blue ship organization to sole-traders, who are looking for a reliable and customized solutions.

A progressive and forward thinking, manufacturing and industrial fabrication company with more than 35 years of Hand on Experience experts. Not only offering a engineering Activities, But Also offers a Comprehensive service for Sub –Contract Manufacturing.

We, Provide our clients an innovative concepts for their new Developments Activities. You will find the innovative , knowledgeable people you need to provide the turnkey services for few other manufacturers of warehouse trolley, Auto parts Carrying Trolleys , Dust Collector champers , Operator Cabin, Acoustic Engineering , Metal Door Frames, Electrical Control Panel Boards, and also by providing different Types of Wheels (Nylon Wheels, Metal Caster Wheels and Polyurethane Wheels - Premier make) of different sizes and capacity.

We also provide Customised Design and Fabrication to factory and site Acceptance Testing and Field installations. We will make sure your new and next projects meets or Exceeds your production Goals and Targets. With our continued investments in the latest technologies and machinery, we are able to offer our customer at competitive prices and a speedy turnaround. Investment in the latest technology benefits our customers through quality, cost and delivery.

Customers enjoy the benefits of dedicated support teams, who seek to understand their products and requirements to optimize delivery of manufactured solutions that are flexible and cost effective even. No matter what your project involve, with our Fresh, flexible approach and forward thinking, we are experienced in assisting customers with requirements that go beyond our standard range of products.

We take pride in our work and our reputation, which we have successfully, built-up and maintained over the years.If you would like to plan/visit to look around our facility OR would like to speak toa member of our Technical Team to discuss regarding your new Requirements, please do SO via CONTACT US.